Piping Engineering


S-Tech Engineering provides piping design and engineering services to engineering contractors and customers for a variety of refinery, offshore, petrochemical, water, and industrial projects with efficient piping design services solutions that meet international codes and standards.
Our specialist skills help organisations from around the world to optimize the space consumption within the plants by 10-15%, especially for skid design packages installed in tight enclosures.
Our expertise encompasses the specification of equipment, material selection, stress analysis, over pressure protection, and regulatory compliance. Our teams utilize 3D modelling software to accurately predict layout and construct ability of both new and modified piping systems.Safety is a paramount in every project.
We design all equipment to meet the latest safety and building code requirements, and our piping design process incorporates safety protocols such as hydraulic, heat, and material balances, pipe stress analysis, and pressure envelope analysis to ensure that all deliverables safely meet your production requirements.

• Piping Layout & Design
• Preparation of Plot Plan
• Development of Piping Design basis
• Piping Material specification
• Pipe supports Design Calculations
• Piping Stress Analysis; Static and Dynamic
• Generation of Piping Isometrics
• Generation of Bill of Material (BOM)
• Piping Drafting & detailing
• Support arrangement drawings