Civil and Structural Competences


S-Tech has a team of skilled Civil & Structural engineers who have domain expertise and vast industry experience to build the most sustainable and energy efficient structures.
Our specialities include design of complex foundations for heavy equipment, building design including crane runways, structural supports, site surveys, and brownfield construction engineering.
We deliver reliable results with emphasis on safety and quality, from start to finish.

• Structural Steel Design & fabrication drawings
• Concept & Detailed Structural Design
• Reinforcement details & shop drawings.
• Detailing of Boiler Structures, Pipe Rack, Silos
• Design & Analysis of Super & Substructures
• Detail & As-built drawings for Jacket, Deck, Bridges & Appurtenances
• Structural 3D Modeling & Detailing
• Generation of Bill of Material (BOM)
• As-Built drawings