3D Modeling


S-Tech offers design services, with a focus on optimizing your designs and improving overall processes.We are a team of professional Mechanical CAD designers providing a complete design service to the mechanical and manufacturing industry.
Our 3D part modeling and mechanical design services in different industries such as Aerospace, Transportation, Robotics, Automobile, Consumer Goods, Industrial Equipments, and Heavy Equipment Industries and Manufacturing are a testimony to our skills and expertise.
Our company can help with everything from a simple sketch to a complete design project. We can integrate our CAD services with your company as an external department, fully managed to suit your standards and company procedures or simply just when you have peak times and are unable to cope with the workload.

  • 3D Modeling from 2D Drawing
  • Equipment Modeling
  • 3D Sectional Views
  • Piping Modeling
  • 3D Models With Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Product Development
  • Electrical Raceways Modeling